About me

Hi, I'm Gabrielle

My art journey is a reflection of my own personal experience of life.  When I paint I engage with my inner world.  This is the part of me that feels real, in a world that has become increasingly crazy and loud. 

When I paint I feel freedom.  I feel my life the way I was meant to. 


There is nothing more exciting than beginning with a blank canvas and an idea.  Creating a painting has me living on the edge of excitement, in that space of taking a risk, where magic is always possible.

Being artistic is intrinsic to my nature. Having freedom of expression through art has been personally liberating. 

When looking at my paintings, I invite you to really make a connection, and feel within yourself that this is the right piece for you.  I am also able to create commission pieces that speak directly to you.


Here’s a short video of me, painting.