I am so grateful to my beautiful customers for their love, and am thrilled to see the joy my paintings bring to their lives.

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{Here’s a short video of me creating a background for one of my paintings:}

I love this so much! Best present ever of my favourite little girl.   My beautiful Charlie!  Thank you so much Gabrielle!  I love it so so much.

Molly Close

I commissioned Gabrielle to paint for me a picture of a very special elephant – one I had photographed in South Africa because I felt a special connection with this elephant at the time. She captured it perfectly – no, I don’t mean like a photograph. She captured the soul of that elephant, the look in its eyes. When I look at my painting [as I do regularly] I am at once transported back to South Africa, in the presence of the ancient wisdom that elephant shared with me. Gabrielle has a rare and special gift. It is beyond description. And she is a delight to know too!

Mary Wong

Thank you for an amazing intuitive art session! Such amazing pieces of art with many special and relevant messages! Hubby and I were totally blessed to have you in our house and I was blown away by the special messages i received! Thank you! What an amazing gift you have to share! Thank You from the bottom of my heart xo

Rhonda Jenner Symes

Gabrielle is a beautiful and intuitive artist. She paints from the heart from a place of love and passion. I asked Gabrielle to paint me a flow painting and what was created was amazing. I also was given with the painting an Art Scripted Story which explained what flowed and appeared in my flow painting. The Story that I was given was spot on and insightful. This painting you can look at them many times and different visions appear, that’s how amazing and one of a kind paintings they are. These paintings make a lovely gift for someone special or even a gift for yourself. Gabrielle does do other amazing and beautiful creations where her paintings are featured. The Cat Bags are a must have and come in different sizes. Gabrielle does do workshops also, when she can get away from her creations. Which are really fun and you don’t need to be an artist, be yourself and meet new people. Gabrielle has future creations yet to come to the surface. I am placing a pre-order for her beautiful oracle cards.

Danie Weis