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Did you ever wonder if there was more to you than you thought?

The Child

As a child I wondered if there was more and I couldn’t wait to grow up.  I remember how exciting it was starting school and learning to read.  Drawing and making cards was my favourite pastime, making them for people as gifts.  Our family had wonderful holidays at the beach where if I wasn’t swimming and playing, I spent hours immersed in creativity.  Drawing and making things made me feel good, and I wanted to gift those good feelings to other people too.

The Teenager

As life went by I gradually forgot about making cards.  As I grew up, I wondered “Who would I be as an adult?”  There came the time in high school, when I needed to make serious choices about which direction my work life would take. l had no idea.  At the time my choices looked like office work, hairdressing, retail or nursing.   After a discussion with my Mum, I decided I would become an office worker.  Office work filled the very important criteria of not working on weekends.  I completed my Catholic High School education in an all girls private school. From there I went to Secretarial College where I learned to take dictation and become a speedy shorthand typist.

Jobs were plentiful in those days.  The Government representative came to college and signed us up for positions in the public service.  After graduating college, we all went off excitedly to start our new jobs.  I was a fairly shy young lady, unprepared for the culture shock of entering the public service. I recall having thoughts as I walked to catch the train to work.  I was already feeling disappointed and bored. Here I was a skilled stenographer, being asked to do nothing but form letters.  I had been brought up to believe in certain values and principles.  I was unimpressed by the culture I witnessed in the public service.  There were opportunities available to me, but I couldn’t see myself flourishing in the environment there.  I wanted to feel challenged and enjoy being at work.

The Adult

Folowing that, I worked in office jobs, progressing to a successful career as a bookkeeper.  I valued my working relationships and always had plenty of work.

I felt the urge to be creative at various times in my life.  Those times I did, took me out in the world selling my creations.  Somehow, life’s responsibilities and work would take priority,  creative notions set aside to deal with them.

Being Reborn

There came the day when I found myself in a work environment where I experienced burn out.  I changed direction and set on a path of healing and self-discovery, so my first notion was to paint.  I created art on my own and then found an art class to go to.  I undertook formal studies in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring and it was these studies that helped me discover being creative was among my great strengths.  I became a qualified coach, setting out to work on myself first.  Coaching is solution orientated.  I had plenty of work to do!

I felt renewed and re-energised by this new path I was on.  As I experimented, I realised, excluding art from my daily life, meant only part of me was ever being utilized.  No wonder I never felt whole.  As I focused on becoming the artist I was always meant to be, I discovered something very new and exciting.  I discovered tangible artistic ways to play with my intuition, and that intuition is a real and natural ability.


I realized this awakening I was experiencing, was connected to the divine feminine awakening sweeping the world. Priestess Rituals and Initiations helped me explore the mysteries they held.  This was an extraordinary time where I connected with other women.  Amazing things happened and I was in good company.  A channeled story written in another part of the world helped me understand one of my channeled paintings.  I found I was receiving messages through nature too and this showed me how everything is connected and how separated humanity has become from the world around us, particularly nature.

It took a very long time to get comfortable with what was happening to me.  I felt very protective of my new awareness, and nurtured myself through this phase.  Above all else, I sought ‘safe’ company.    How fortunate I was to have the training to let go of conditioning and limiting beliefs, so I could fully accept the real me. Something I continue to work on to this day.

Society’s belief that my creative side was somehow less than was ingrained in my subconscious.  A sensitive and gentle nature was seen as weak.  The perception was that “you gotta be tough, do it and take it like a man.”, posed as a problem for me, because I perceived my feminine qualities as weaknesses.  I saw opportunities to be successful as being dominated by men.  Fortunately for now, times are changing, witih more and more people from all walks of life discovering success in many different ways. Perhaps real change begins with you and me. We can change the world, one person at a time.


After all this work, I recently caught myself referring to my talents as ‘fluffy stuff’.  OUCH.   In no way do I accept my gifts as “fluffy stuff”.  This is what I mean by changing one person at a time.  Our creative and intuitive gifts are as valuable a contribution as any other ability.  When gifts like mine are denied, we become imbalanced, as individuals and as a society.  Being denied as an individual, means living an unfulfilled life and society doesn’t receive the benefit of our magic.  You can look at what is happening around us to see the impact this imbalance is having on the world.

How many people are out there right now, living without really knowing who they are?

There is a false belief among us that we are “less than” or not particularly talented.  For too many people, true potential goes unrealised, hidden behind societal conditioning.  I believe we are all gifted.  Just because we don’t fall in to the genius zone of English, Maths and Science model, doesn’t mean we aren’t.

Remember I said earlier, real change begins with you and me.

What would your life look like if you discovered your gifts and talents?

How would that make you feel?

Your gift may be other than art.  It could be singing, dancing, music, writing or even gardening.  I encourage you to seek out. Intuition plays an important role in helping you do that.  This is why you need to be able to recognise your intuition.

That young girl who loved drawing and making cards to help people feel good is finally being encouraged to play.  Now what I’ve learned is being put into form to make it easier for people like you to become familiar with intuition.

I want to inspire hope in others through my story and I love presenting to groups.  If you have a group you think could benefit, please send me a note via the contact form at

Intuitive Art Workshops

I offer the Intuitive Art Workshops so you can create your own intuitive artwork.  If you are wondering if there is more to you, then come to my Intuitive Art Workshop and let’s spend valuable time on you and having fun!

If you have a group, I am happy to bring my workshop to your space.

The link to purchase tickets to the workshop on Sunday 24th March 2019 is here

Intuitive Art Workshop is valuable time on you.