The Bond

How many of us have had extraordinary relationships with animals? Have you ever experienced the unconditional love of a pet? Some bonds are so strong, it’s the stuff of legends.

“I grew up in a home where animals were loved. I noticed certain people, who may have struggled somewhat in their relationships with humans, soften at the sight of their beloved dog or cat. As a young girl in a bustling household, the antics of our pets provided hours of entertainment. I remember my sister dressing the cat up in baby clothes and wheeling him around in a pram”, said Gabrielle

Our Animal Friends

More recently, Gabrielle posed the question in a social media group, “Have you ever had a bond with an animal that was stronger than the ones you have with humans?”

The responses received were an overwhelming yes.  In all the beautiful comments, it was clear our animals know how to love us unconditionally.

One response was from a veteran of the air-force who shared about the incredible bond he’d had with his now deceased air-force dog, while in service.  Years later, he is still missing his mate.

About Painting Animal Portraits

Gabrielle says, “When I paint animals for people, this close bond between human and animal is where I place my focus. As I go about creating the piece, something happens and I draw on my sensitivity. I feel a connection to the animal and work as if we are creating the piece together. My vision for each piece is that once finished, it will hold genuine significance for the person for whom it has been created.”

Gabrielle’s pet portraits are unique because she spends time preparing, drawing and developing the sense of heart and soul connection between animal and human.  Gabrielle has spent 4 years honing her artistic talents under the guidance of Professional Artists.  Gabrielle said the best advice she received was about spending time on the preparation.

Following this advice has proved to produce a high quality results for her clients and collectors.

The Difference

Cheap pet portraits are a plenty. These days there are numerous short cut methods for creating an image. If you choose that road, and many people do, you will end up with a pretty picture and that’s fine.

If you want that special something and appreciate the difference, then a pet portrait by Gabrielle is a timeless piece and well worth the investment.  Gabrielle’s portraits have so far included felines, birds, fish, canines, bovine, even an elephant!

Real Testimonials

Here’s what people say about Animal Portraits by Gabrielle.

Mary said, “When I saw it there were no words. Not only did Gabrielle capture her essence, she brought her to life. I had tears. I was overjoyed, I felt my elephant was back with me”.

Ted Portrait by Gabrielle Conescu

Gerri, on her husband Dave’s experience, “You sure capture just not the image but the soul too!! Everyone needs their mate immortalised by Gabrielle Conescu. Ted the bull was waiting for years to be immortalised and now David is happy.”

Molly said this about her portrait of her much loved dog, Charlie, “Gabrielle Conescu you definitely have a special talent. I absolutely adore my Charlie portrait”.

Inspiration from a Famous Artist

World famous Artist Piet Mondrian was one of the most famous artists of the 20th century.  Piet said, “The position of an artist is humble. He is essentially a channel”.  And Gabrielle said “Piet’s words really resonate with me”.

Emotional Saviors

Our pets play a critical role in helping us through times that challenge our emotions, like those we face right now as restrictions ease with COVID-19. Perhaps your animal friends have provided you with a safe space for hugs and kisses not only now, but all the time.  Pets maybe emotional saviors for those living alone, particularly while we’re practicing social distancing.

Your Pet Portrait

Gabrielle’s original Pet Portraits are painted in acrylic medium on canvas starting at $220 for 30 cm x 40 cm size.  (11.8″ x 15.75″) plus shipping.  Free delivery Brisbane and surrounds.

For a full list of sizes or to enquire about your custom piece use the contact form below or connect via here on Facebook