Going online has been a fun experience so far.

COVID-19 restrictions meant all my events were cancelled.

As a professional artist facilitating in person painting classes, I’ve had to rethink how I could continue to support people with a desire to do something arty that is simple to implement, easy to get started and provides results quickly so they can see results.

Virtual Creativity Sessions are morphing from collage and journaling to Doodling and Drawing Workshops.  Attending participants overwhelming said they wanted to learn these skills.

My gift to you is these are currently being offered at the rate of only $10 per class.  Subscriptions also available.

Studies show there are huge benefits from engaging in creative activity. You can read findings from a large UK study  here.

Having been disconnected from my creative nature for years, then discovering the difference has me fired up.  We’ve been led to believe art is either some “fluffy” thing you do on the side, not important, or you have be right up there creating masterpieces. The truth is, I believe, that creating art is one of our natural forms of expression. And why would we intentionally ignore our ability to express ourselves?

The techniques we’ve discussed so far can help you fill your journal pages with some very cool work.  It’s a really easy way to express yourself in this upside down world we’ve found ourselves in lately.

When I first embarked on following my dream to be an artist, I had a wonderful time using these techniques in my journal.  It’s amazing to look back on that time.  It helps you remember where you were then and appreciate where you are now.

This is the perfect time to be creating your own journal creatively, by developing new ideas and techniques to add to your creative tool box.  Think about the intention for your journal.  You may then like to create an intention page at the front of your book and decorate the covers.

I’m very excited about adding something new to our tool box this week.

You can check out more about Saturday’s Workshop Event on my Facebook Artist Page here

Not on Facebook?  You are invited to join my meetup group here

Last week we focused on a doodle pattern.  It was really exciting to see everyone’s creations.  I love the individuality of each. person’s work.  These workshops are about letting go of perfectionism to engage, allow and enjoy the process.

I’m becoming obsessed with doodling.  Here are a few doodle samples of mine.