We have certainly found ourselves in uncertain times, with the corona virus COVID-19 situation.

How are you?

Could you do with some precious YOU time right now?

We are all facing challenges right now.  Did you know many benefits are available to you by engaging in creative activity, even for a few minutes.  I’m very excited to be facilitating Saturday Virtual Creativity Sessions as a way to support you.  It’s been a leap for me into the Virtual World for facilitating these creativity workshops.  Challenges can turn out to be exciting and fun.

This new workshop has been tailored to help people work at home with the resources most of us have on hand.

Feedback from the first session was – “I find it helpful to attend because otherwise I wouldn’t make the time for myself.  I’m really glad I did.” Shaelene

The second week was learning to draw dragonflies and eyes using shapes. We had fun sharing our creations and were inspired to carry on with doodling and drawing techniques over the next few weeks.

Love the element of surprise as people achieve results with their drawings fairly quickly.

Check out Gillian A Ching’s Weekend Notes Blog about my Virtual Creativity Session here –  Weekend Notes Blog

Janelle Russell created her “Meditation for the World” in our very first Virtual Creativity Session


Join me on Saturday by booking your place here or here

Creative Ways to Journal

Writing, Doodling, Drawing, Colouring, Collage

If you’d like more information email me gabrielle@fifthdimensionart.com.au

warmest regards