Becoming an effective communicator!

If you’ve been thinking about developing confidence through public speaking, then Powertalk Australia could be a great choice for you. Here is my story about why I became a member.

I’d completed my Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring studies and was keen to enter the next phase of my career. In my previous life, I’d been an accomplished bookkeeper and BAS Agent. That meant working in the background, driving around to different businesses, resolving their issues so they would meet their BAS reporting deadlines.

Then came the shift. What surfaced from within me was a deep state of discontent, so deep, I abandoned my well-paid career, to begin a new one. I followed my very first inclination which was to reconnect with my artist self.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring studies equipped me for change as my mind turned to neurosciences, NLP, emotional intelligence and whole-brain thinking. I was reminded there was more to intelligence than IQ. For the first time ever, I was able to identify my own key areas of strength. Having gained this new awareness I felt ready to focus on areas for development. I wanted to progress and live the life I was meant for. To discover I was naturally geared for the arts and teaching was an enlivening revelation. All these years I’d worked in a career that could be mastered well enough, but would never feel truly satisfying, because my natural areas of preference were not being stimulated.

What a relief to finally understand the source of my discontent. It felt so good and I knew straight away, I wanted to be the artist. I also wanted to encourage others to embrace their own true nature.

My prior soul searching had lead me to devour everything I could find by Wayne Dyer. He used to say “Don’t die with the music still in you.” Well, he was right. Life is half lived if you’ve never fully expressed the magic you were born with. And I am proof, if you haven’t, change is always possible.

It’s one thing realizing all of this. Entirely another to step into action and make it happen.

Woah. I was confronted. If I were ever going to put myself out there, I was going to have to face my fear of speaking to a crowd and do the training.

One of my biggest regrets had been about my favourite Aunt’s funeral years ago. I’d written a speech about her life, but when I stood out front, I found myself frozen, like a deer in the headlights. I felt disappointed when I was unable to recover my nerves enough to say what I dearly would have loved to say.

It so happens, I was introduced to Mary Wong, then President of Powertalk Australia, by a coaching colleague, Vicki Gibbs. With both Vicki and Mary’s encouragement, I attended Mary’s one day course. I was won over by the progress I made in a single day, and joined Powertalk Brisbane Central, the club in my local area. I found genuine support and encouragement from Members of this Club.

I did have some hesitation about joining a Club in the beginning, because I was somewhat afraid of the commitment. I checked in with myself about that to acknowledge I truly was committed to moving through this fear. Joining provided the structure I needed to do it. If you are considering Powertalk, the Club provides you with some grace to make up your mind. Would it be comforting to know you can attend up to three meetings to help you choose whether or not this is the Club for you?

By attending regular fortnightly Club meetings and fulfilling the assignments, I made steady progress. It was great because if I felt I had choices and people to ask for help. Members are trained to deliver constructive evaluations, offering real tips on how to improve. It really boosts your confidence. Since then I’ve entered speech and writing contests and been awarded some prizes. No more “deer in the headlights” frozen Gabrielle. I now stand confidently in front of a crowd with ease. I can honestly say I now enjoy speaking in front of an audience. I actively promote my art both in person and on social media.

I think it’s a continuous climb to stretch ourselves to meet the next new phase of our development. It’s good for us. This is what brought me to Powertalk and keeps me there to this day.

What do you think? Would a warm, friendly, supportive group of people benefit you in developing confidence in your communication skills? If you can relate to my story, perhaps Powertalk Australia can support you in moving toward your dreams too. Why not give it a go? Contact